I’m a Creative Director who is passionate about leading teams and building systems that use design to fuel growth. As a creative lead at tech companies for a decade, I’m adept at bringing technology and products to life with design. I enjoy collaborating cross-functionally with the goal of simplifying a complicated technology story in a way that allows teams to sell against it. I have experience distilling and synthesizing technical information to create compelling visual examples that bring a product to life, even in prototype. I’m as comfortable managing agencies as I am rolling up my sleeves to design and deliver a project of any size. I have a natural curiosity and a willingness to apply new approaches to solve problems and scale solutions. Detail-oriented, collaborative and strategic, I am passionate about applying design to drive understanding and build for success.

AppZen Website

The challenge of the AppZen website redesign was how to not only update the brand but create a new site that targeted and engaged the intended audience. We had to work within the confines of the brand while ensuring the site appealed to our sales targets and adequately demonstrated the sophistication of AppZen’s product offerings.  I led the project from start to finish, managing a reskin of the site in under two weeks.

Mastermind Summit 2021

In the transition to all virtual meetings, AppZen needed a virtual conference presence to drive awareness and sales. I engineered the look and feel for the conference, and built a website that would support the event. It required development of 25 videos ranging from keynote seminars to product demos. Given the volume of content that needed to be created within a short timeframe, I developed and managed a production flow system that coordinated across agency partners and multiple departments within the company, and aligned with content across all of the social channels to promote the summit. The goal was 1,000 attendees which we exceeded with an audience of 3,000.


At Quantified I collaborated with the Product Marketing, Sales and Marketing teams to deliver a design system, a product library, an updated website, and a variety of sales tools. I regularly art directed or created illustrations for content, and managed multiple agencies to deliver advertising, video production, white papers and presentations.

Equity Residential

At Equity Residential, I created and executed large design systems that spanned advertising, signage, intranet, external websites, and investor relations. The diversity and breadth of their properties required constant development and iteration of branding and identity systems.